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Specialized Office Testing
Document Managment Software (DMS)
Whether you work in a legal or corporate environment, document management software is an everyday essential program that gives large firms and organizations the ability to manage thousands if not millions of documents efficiently.  Documents can be accessed via internet or intranet that have been created within any department and/or location worldwide including remotely from outside the office.  This DMS test is designed to help employers, agencies, individuals and students test their knowledge of common everyday tasks and terminology within a DMS.  Those who have worked in large firms and financial institutions will have experience using a DMS such as iManage (DeskSite, WorkSite, FileSite, etc.) or OpenText's DM5 (Hummingbird, PC DOCS and DOCS Open) to name a few.
What to expect:
  • DMS Functions and Terminology
  • 40 Questions
  • Max time allotment:  1 Hour

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