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A Higher Level of Office Testing

Why Specialized Testing?

Because knowing the name of a command and its location is simply not enough.

How do you set up documents?

When and where would you use a function and in what circumstances?

Can you customize the function and why would you need to do so?

There are many ways to perform the same task when building a document.  Oftentimes, the function chosen to accomplish a task is not the most efficient or quickest as edits may prove difficult and time consuming.   Do you possess the right skills set to get the job done quickly and efficiently?

  • Effective -  After years of document production experience within legal, financial and private institutions, 

  • Experience & Judgment - Questions regarding best method when there are several. Common legal and office business practices in documentation in addition to those within a document production center which expect specific formatting methods.

  • Variety - Most legal word processing centers must service an entire law firm and therefore, document production specialists such as operators must be familiar with documentation from multiple areas of law.  A good word processing operator must have knowledge of a variety of legal documents such as corporate, litigation, trusts and estates, etc.  This is also true for secretarial pools and floaters.  In addition, many secretaries whether legal or not, must be able to create a variety of common office documentation quickly on a daily basis.

  • Awareness - This test will give you an accurate assessment of the level of proficiency of the test taker.  It will also bring a higher level of awareness as to what is expected as a secretary, legal secretary, legal assistant, administrative assistant, legal or financial word processing operator.  Secretaries, assistants, word processing operators, recruiters, administrators and human resource staff alike can benefit from this test to ascertain skill level against what is expected when applying for a position.

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