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Advanced Word Processing
This test has been made to ensure that an operator understands how to create a complex document not simply where menus are located, but when to use them and why.

Whether you work for a document production center as an operator, a secretary, a financial centers or corporate administrator, document turn over must be quick and accurate.  A higher level of skill is required for today's market.  Common documentation such as letters, tables, numbering and outlining are all a part of this test.  How do you create these?  What are the best methods to use and why?  Knowledge of styles, advanced functions and document terminology.  This test will assess your skill level and help you recognize where you may need additional training and/or practice.

What to expect:
  • Advanced document formatting using MS Word
  • Knowledge of office documentation
  • 60 Questions
  • Max allotted time:  1 Hour and 20 Minutes

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